A Breakdown of the Leadership of the Top Retained Search Firm, Kaye/Bassman

A company can be capable of being a tight knit family. There is nothing wrong with having a work family that is strong, defiant, and clear-minded towards the same sets of goals. 32 team leaders make Kaye/Bassman quite a large family, indeed, and they carry that ethos and love to the clients they work with and the executives they have onboard. Kaye/Bassman is a leading retained executive search firm. Since 1981, the company has expanded their resources without ever losing sight of the main unifying goal- to find incredible talent.

Elaine Auerbach and Jerry Bachman are two managing partners of the firm, and they are specifically covered here due only to their last name. The team consists of about 24 managing partners who make up a major piece to the puzzle within the firm. The team is subsequently rounded out by about eight core managing directors. The total team maintains many of the various hiring branches within the firm.

Every director or partner has their own niche within the Top retained search firm. Greg Zoch is the managing director within the ambulatory surgery area of expertise. Dan Wilburn is specialized in the area of Healthcare Information Technology, and he maintains a lot of correspondence and hires that are involved in this specific region. Karen Schmidt is the managing partner in the International area of the firm, growing Kaye/Bassman to a global presence. Every professional has their own area in which they manage, and it makes for a seamless and well-displayed group of leaders. The team leaders are all either labeled a director or a partner depending on their role and the size of their area of expertise.

All of the leadership members can be reached through two main sources. The first is their Linkedin page. Linkedin is an incredibly savvy and powerful resource for connecting in the professional world. At this point, it is a social staple. The great thing about Linkedin is that it can be used passively to display what is basically an electronic resume, or actively, like Facebook. The second main method to reach out to a professional is through email. All emails are linked through the official Kaye/Bassman leadership page.